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As much as I love hot summers, fall is my favorite season of the year. The weather gets cooler, the leaves change colors, and it’s sweater weather. This year I decided to make a fall bucket list. If you are a fan of going apple picking or staying in and watching Halloween movies. This list is here to help.



Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is a classic fall thing to do. You walk around picking apples off a tree and you can take them home. Some places also have a little shop selling homemade apple items. 


Have or Go to a Bonfire

Bonfires are the perfect way to end a night. Sitting around the fire with friends making smores is the best. 

Go to a Tailgate or Football Game

Football season is in the fall. Going to a football game in this weather is much more enjoyable. Not having to worry about the hot weather, you can wear your schools crewneck or hoodie to show school spirit. 

Have a Halloween Movie Night

Everybody likes staying in and relaxing at home. Having a movie night with friends is always fun. Pop some popcorn, make some hot chocolate maybe even bake some cookies. Can’t have a movie night without snacks. Some good movies to watch are: Beetlejuice, Scream, Twitches, and the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Go to a Halloween Party

Going to a Halloween party is the best excuse to get dressed up in a costume. If you’re going with a group of friends try and do a group costume like The East Compton Clovers, Power Rangers, or TLC.

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