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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DESU chapter.

Meet one of our writers!

Meet Jamila

Name: Jamila Seidu

Hometown: Frederica, DE

Major: Kinesiology 

Classification: Sophomore 


Why did you decide to join HC DESU?


I joined HerCampus because I like to try new things. I truly didn’t know what to expect when I joined, but the people I meet in the process were so cool, which helped my decision.


What is your favorite topic or topics to write about?


I don’t think I have a favorite thing to right about, it just depends on the topic of the week.


What does women empowerment mean to you?


To me women empowerment is women being in control of there own destiny, through all aspects of life.


Why did you choose DESU? What is one of your favorite memories while attending DESU?


I chose DESU because I wanted to go to a HBCU, but I also had to think about how expensive out of state schools were. I chose this school because it met two of my requirements, an instate school and a HBCU. My favorite memory so far was being apart of coronation as Miss African Student Association.It’s a moment I will never forget.


Hi everyone, I am from the Lonestar state, go cowboys!  I lived in several places including some countries which I love writing about, along with writing about lifestyle.  I am majoring in Mass Communications with a with a minor in history!