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Makeup is a great way to enhance your looks without completely changing yourself, but it can prove to be exceedingly difficult. Makeup requires months to years of practice before mastering and without the proper knowledge it’s easy to go overboard. With these five tips, beginning your makeup journey will be much easier.

  1. Healthy skin is a MUST for great makeup.


Using the right facial washes, moisturizers, and toners will help your makeup come out smooth and natural. If you have to apply large amounts of make-up to cover tons of blemishes then it will only turn out cakey. Think of your clean skin as a canvas for a work of art. It must be a clean and clear surface for your makeup to go on. After all, makeup is art.

2. Find your correct color


For foundation, concealer, eye-shadow, and lipstick it’s important to find shades that work for your skin color. As a beginner, this may seem difficult but there are resources. Stores such as Mac, Sephora, and Ulta hire beauty assistants to help customers find the right products for their skin. They will even point you in the right direction for brands.

3. A little goes a long way


As a beginner, you want to keep the amount of makeup you use at a minimum until you know exactly what to do. So, one coat of foundation or even a tinted moisturizer will do the job, and the same with eyeshadow. Eye-liner and lipstick can be applied any way you like due to these being the easier steps of the make-up process.

4. Use the correct brushes and tools.


Using the correct brushes will help your makeup come out correctly. There are brushes and utensils for each step in the makeup process. If you are struggling with learning which ones are which, there are kits that include each brush and directions on how to use it.



Practice makes perfect and continuing to do your make-up daily will have to you ready to slay everyone in no time.

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