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The Influence of Social Media on Eating Disorders

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DESU chapter.

Often online people are exposed to comments on what they “supposed to look like.” In many instances people claim they are trying to help individuals; however, it just makes them aware of their insecurities. There is no need to make comments about weight or even appearance on a social media post. These posts are meant to uplift and make people feel great about themselves, but sometimes do the opposite. Which is why we as people should not read into negativity.


Typically, on social media we come across someone we admire and say, “I wish I could look like them.” One may make this statement because of all the love and support that person gets. Then it crosses their mind that if they become this weight, I will be more liked by the general public. However, people should like you for you, not when you change yourself to fit their “standards.”


I am Kaitlin Robinson a Chemistry major from Washington,DC. I’m fairly new to writing but I hope you enjoy my articles.
Hi everyone, I am from the Lonestar state, go cowboys!  I lived in several places including some countries which I love writing about, along with writing about lifestyle.  I am majoring in Mass Communications with a with a minor in history!