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Anna Schultz-Girl Smiling With Arms Full Of Food
Anna Schultz-Girl Smiling With Arms Full Of Food
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How To Prevent Eating At Night

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DESU chapter.

Many people eat during the nighttime, I am an example of one of them, but what is night eating?  Night eating syndrome is known as NES. A condition is a mix of overeating at night and being unable to sleep.  Another disorder caused by night eating includes binge eating disorder, where you eat an excessive amount at night, similar to binge watching a television show.  There are many reasons why people eat late at night for example they get off late, stress, up all night, and binge eat while relaxing.   According to NDTV.com, these are the health hazards to eating late at night:


  1. It is harder to lose weight

  2. Your memory and concentration decreases 

  3. You get acid reflux

  4. You could start developing an eating disorder


Ways to avoid eating at night includes eating around 8 pm, avoid junk food late at night, find ways to calm yourself instead of stress eating, and do not limit your calorie intake.  Some foods that are recommended to eat at night include a boiled egg, nuts, fresh fruit, and whole grains.


To find more about nighting eating and its health hazards, you can visit:  




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