How to Get Away With Murder

Caleb Hapstell was the killer the whole time. He was already creepy enough when we found out that him and his sister (adopted) we’re together. However, we let that go because of those gorgeous green eyes.


During the beginning of season 2, we see glimpses of the future which say that someone shoots Annalise. We later find out the Annalise tells Wes to shoot her, to make it seem like Catherine did it. I thought maybe it was a good idea, until I realize that Wes is not all right in the head. Instead of him shooting her in the leg, he shoots her in the stomach.

Annalise recovers in the next episode, however you notice her slowly losing her mind. Her medications must be really strong because she starts hallucinating a baby. In our heads we’re thinking what does this baby mean? We later find out that Annalise was once pregnant. So what happen to that baby?


In this season Annalise and her squad not only have to deal with their issues but also work on other cases as well. Cases such as the big case of Caleb and Catherine Hapstall. Which we later find out Caleb killed his adoptive parents, Catherine knew about it but was too love to confess.


Another mystery is Wes’s mom and her suicide, we see in flashbacks that Annalise knew Wes’s mom, so she must know about her suicide. However, Annalise will not say a thing. As the story unfolds Annalise wanted Wes’s mom to testify in court, but committed suicide because she was afraid of what will happen if she did. She killed herself and left her child alone, nothing is worst than that.


The biggest shocker of all is during the last couple of seconds in Season 2, Wes finally meets his biological father, Wallace Mahoney. The same man who was threatening Wes’s mother and the same man who planned Annalise’s car accident which led to her losing her baby. As soon as Wes informs Wallace, that he is the father, he gets shot in the head by an unknown person.