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A Few Alternatives to Sugary Drinks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DESU chapter.

Cutting out sugary drinks like sodas, iced-tea, and fruit juice has made a tremendous difference in both my skin and body. Sometimes, I do however miss the taste of sugary drinks. Fortunately, I’ve found these alternatives that emulate the same taste of those drinks and are low in sugar and calories.


1. Sparkling Water


Clear American Water emulates that fizzy soda taste. They are one-hundred  percent zero calories and contain no sugar. They can be found at Walmart on average for about fifty-seven cents. Flavors include cherry vanilla, orange and cream, blackberry lemonade and more. 




2. Vitamin Water


I just started drinking these and they’re really good. There is regular vitamin water which are in low calories, but still, have a lot of sugar. I however prefer zero calorie vitamin water. My favorite is the squeezed lemonade flavor.



3. Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte 


I love coffee so much. Coffee isn’t totally unhealthy, but I usually pack on my coffee with cream, sugar and flavored syrups. All of the extra stuff isn’t too good. So to balance it out I drink iced  matcha lattes every other day. Matcha is really good for you. I make my own. All you have to do it get the matcha powder. Here’s a quick recipe to help. 




4. Infuse Your Water 


Fresh fruit, vegetables and some herbs make really tasty flavors for water. Sometimes I get tired of plain water which tempts me to drink something sugary and flavorful. Lemon water is common, but these are some hidden gems that are tasty as well! 




Think of these alternatives next time you’re craving a sugary beverage.


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Hi everyone, I am from the Lonestar state, go cowboys!  I lived in several places including some countries which I love writing about, along with writing about lifestyle.  I am majoring in Mass Communications with a with a minor in history!