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Fenty Beauty


As you may have heard last week Rihanna has dropped her new make-up line, consisting of everything from foundations to highlighters to brushes. Here are my three favorite products from her line, that will make you want to never use any other products again.


  1. Highlighters

All of the highlighters are beyond amazing, but everyone’s personal favorite seems to be this gold shade, called Trophy Wife. Trophy Wife is Extremely pigmented and looks flawless on any skin color, even darker skin. These highlighters go for around $34.


  1. Fenty Foundation

This foundation is the best I have yet to come across, and has a wide range of shades (around 40 different shades). What I liked most about this foundation was that it was really light wait, and left an airbrushed finish, plus a little goes a long way. This foundation goes for $34.


  1. My third product is the mix stick trio. This trio consist of a contour, concealer, and highlight. I love this set because if you do not want the standard set, you have the option of building your own. In Sephora or online you can pick the contour, highlight, and concealer shade you like best, or by it individually. These sticks are also magnetic, so it’s really hard to lose a stick. A single stick runs for $25 and the trio runs for $54.

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