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Donald Trump’s Ban on Immigration


This week Americans saw a presidential order that may have changed history. Donald Trump has halted those from Muslim countries from entering the United States.  Along with this, thousands of foreigners have had their visas revoked. This is justified on the basis of “protecting the country from an ISIS invasion”. Not only do Americans around the country feel like this is unconstitutional , but so does Seattle Judge James L. Robart, who has stopped this executive order and reopened the country's borders.

With Isis attacks looming Donald Trump believes the only way to prevent them is to stop immigration from the middle east all together. So he put a travel ban on all international airports around the country. Even those with visas were stopped from entering the country and were held at the airports.


With this travel ban many people around the country felt like this executive order was unconstitutional and should be stopped. A seattle federal  judge took matters into his own hands and restricted this order. Using his broad power he reinstated the visas that were revoked, “Those individuals with visas that were not physically cancelled may now travel if the visa is otherwise valid,” said the state department.

With this issue resolved we now look towards the next issue, a wall being built.

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