5 Top Resume Fails!

5 Top Resume Fails!

These things will get your Resume thrown away

  • Not including your contact information

How do think there job recruiters are going to contact you? It is really important to have correct contact information so you can be easily contacted when recruiters need you. 

  • Having more than one page

Honestly, job recruiters spend up to 3 minutes of your resume. Giving them too many information might make them toss it and move on to the next. Use formatting techniques like bullets and short paragraphs to enhance readability. 

  • Not elaborating on your job description

It's not all about work experience! Be sure to describe how you have given back to your community.  Don't leave any gaps in your resumé! Include all relevant experience. Even the soft skills you've gained from these experiences work ethic, and time management are more important to employers than you might think.

  • Not specific to the company

Make sure you are not using the same resume for ever job you apply for. The resume you use to apply for a job in marketing can not be use for a job in computer science. If you are interested in applying for a job, shape and change up your resume to fit what that company is looking for. 

  • Errors and typos

Spell check then proofread by placing a finger on each word, just like you were back in grade school. You do not want to be submitting resume to a high profile job and you've misspelled economics. Even going to a school counselor or professor to profread can greatly help.