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As we gear up for finals season, it’s easy to forget that that the end of the school year is in sight! In just a short couple of weeks, we’ll be headed off to the beach, back home to snuggle with our pets and catch up with our friends, or maybe even abroad for the experience of a lifetime! No matter what you’re doing, it’s always fun to freshen up your wardrobe for the warmer weather. So today I have gathered a list of wardrobe essentials for this summer, based on current trends and a few additions that I am admittedly biased towards. As you work hard and study for that super difficult final that determines 50% of your grade, I hope you give yourself a study break, check out these super cute essentials, and distract yourself with thoughts of sunshine and returning home. You deserve it, girl!



Okay. I know this is an obvious one, but I think it’s totally worth putting on the list. Off-the-shoulder shirts have been on-trend for so long, and for good reason! They’re cute, they’re flattering, and they’re a perfect summer essential. I for one would be heartbroken if this trend went out of style (and my closet shows it, lol). With all the different styles of this shirt, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect style for YOU. I’ve shared some of my recent favorites below to hopefully spark some inspiration.

Smocked AND dusky pink?! Yes PLEASE!

We LOVE a sexy black top! Also, the gingham trend seems to be back in!

Button Shirts

I’ve seen these shirts all over the stores I’ve shopped in recently and cannot get over how adorable they are! The buttons give these shirts a unique touch but still make them casual enough for a summer day out outfit!


I’m not sure what the proper name for this type of shirt is, but it is another trend I have been obsessing over! At first glance, these tops may seem basic, but their simplistic beauty truly does turn heads. I love that the ties can be cropped or on a basic tee, making them not only flattering but also flexible for many occasions. They’re perfect for any occasion, ranging from taking a summer shopping trip with your mom, to exploring the nature of your vacation spot, to going out on the town for the night!


White Jean Skirt

Don’t get me wrong, ANY jean skirt can boost the quality of an outfit in an instant. But this season, the white jean skirts have particularly been sticking out as a summer staple to me. The color is light, fresh, and everything that summer embodies, and, according to fashion rules, we can only wear white until Labor Day. Why not take advantage of the warmer months while we can? Plus, white bottoms in general are a perfect alternative to the go-to navy denim.

Nicer Shorts

Denim shorts are perfect to throw on with a basic tee on a casual summer day, but why not get a little bit fancier on occasion? Adding a nice pair of shorts with a solid tee can transform your summer look, possibly even taking it from day to night.

Cute and Comfy Jumpsuits

As much as I love taking the time to put together an outfit, the idea of throwing together a look in less than a minute sounds equally as great to me. That’s exactly what rompers and jumpsuits allow you to do. Plus, if you are lucky to enough to find one that is comfy AND cute, you’ll be even more of a happy camper, especially in the hot weather. Jumpsuits like these are truly a perfect way to look nice for a special occasion while staying cool and comfortable.

As silly as it may sound, I picture wearing something like the rompers above while strolling the streets of Italy or France. Is it just me, haha? Either way, this is a great look for those of you going abroad this summer. (By the way, SO JEALOUS.)


Straw Bags

I don’t know about you, but I love it when new trends give me an excuse to wear high fashion that would otherwise look way over the top. That’s exactly how I feel about straw bags. I’m not going to lie; I was not a fan at first. But over time, these bags really grew on me, and now I can’t imagine a better way to make an outfit ready for the beach (even if you can’t actually go to a beach). These purses come in many different shapes and sizes, so I’ve shared a few options below.

Hair/Neck Ties

I can’t imagine a better summer staple than this accessory. It’s a two-in-one, serving as a headband/hair tie (being able to pull back your hair in the brutal heat is a MUST) and a neck tie (for the perfect business casual, chic look).

Platform Sandals

This may be one of the most obvious summer trends right now, and another one on the list that I disliked at first. But of course, I was completely mistaken. I recently bought a pair, and I feel like I never take them off! Not only are they the perfect addition to any nice outfit, but they may be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned! If you don’t own a pair already, you are seriously missing out! Below I’ve linked a pair that are only $12 from Wish!


Last, but certainly not least, it is essential to top off your summer outfit with a cute pair of sunglasses.

I hope this list gave you some inspiration to freshen up your wardrobe, some excitement for summer vacation, and most of all, a much-needed study break. I know this has definitely gotten me excited for warmth and sunshine. ? As you keep studying and working hard, remember that summer is just around the corner! Good luck and have a wonderful summer!

-Haley <3

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