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Your Guide to Themed Parties

It seems like every other weekend, someone is coming up with a new themed party idea! While sometimes a quick trip to Walmart the night before can do the trick, other times it’s fun to treat the night like a mini Halloween and go all out! Here’s some ideas for the next time you are searching for what to wear!

1. Jersey Night- This one is pretty common, but also pretty easy! Throw on a big jersey and some converse and you’re good to go! Here are some websites where you can buy jerseys on the cheaper side. Amazon is a good place too!



2. Jungle Party- A chance to show your wild side!! You could either dress like your fave jungle animal, or go for the safari girl look. A cute bucket hat from Amazon or Walmart, some cheetah face pain, the possibilities are endless! Forever 21 is also a good place to look!

3. “Friday Night Lights” or “Peaked in High School”- Time to bring back that cheer uniform, letterman jacket, or prom queen crown! The DePauw bookstore actually sells a black cheerleader skirt if you are looking for something easy! You could also wear a plaid skirt and a button up, a cute dress with a “homecoming queen sash,” etc.

4. Country Themed- This one is pretty easy too! To keep it simple, wear a flannel and some boots! If you really want to show your country roots, do a cowboy hat!

5. Toga Party- Check out this YouTube video for how to turn a sheet into a toga! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4hWqIW–rQ Add some gold glitter and a cool headband and you’re set! What could be better?

6. Fiji Isle or Beach Party- Anything bright, fun, and colorful will do for this! A bathing suit top with shorts is an easy, cute look! Add a flower lei or goggles to look extra festive!

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