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You Know You’re a DePauw Student When: MONON EDITION

1.     You would rather write a forty-page paper than wear the colors red and white. Those striped pants aren’t flattering on anyone.
2.     You’re okay with the 45-7 score…you had a great time…in the parking lot.
3.     DePauw alumni are just as pumped as you to be at the game…planning began months ago.
4.     Your parents are out-drinking you…and are clearly more popular.
5.     You wonder how the Wabash guys got girls to show up at their tailgate. 
6.     You’ve had Marvins at least times in the last 48 hours.
7.     You treat going out Saturday night like a meeting. It takes preparation, concentration, and self-motivation.
8.     You show up at a frat Saturday night in your tailgating clothes…at least you made it.
9.     The lines for Port-O-Potty usage become a battlefield. We could have ordered more than four, DePauw…next time.
10.You know who Mims Cassidy is.

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