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Y2K Mini Bags: Are They Worth the Hype

As I’m sure you’ve all seen, y2k mini shoulder bags have been aaaaallllll the rage recently, and you may be thinking “Wow, those are really cute! I wonder if they’re worth the hype. What do you think, Alicia?” I am so glad you asked, dear reader! In a word… YES. Absolutely 1000000000% without-a-doubt YES! Since May, I’ve bought five (yes, fiv—  I have a slight addiction) mini bags, and I’ve got to say, they’re some of the best things I’ve ever bought. Four of the bags are vintage/thrifted from Goodwill, and one I bought on sale at a Target in Kansas that I hadn’t seen anywhere else, and they honestly elevate any and every outfit. In the pictures of me below, you’ll see all my babies (except the Target one—  I have no pictures of her) and be able to see for yourself if you think they’re worth the hype!

Bag #1

Here’s my favorite mini bag I have! She’s a sweet baguette bag in the most darling iridescent bright green. She doesn’t really match anything, which just means that I can wear her with anything to look ~extra cool~

Bag #2

Mini bag number two is a fun vintage Talbots bag with a funky, hard plastic strap and delicate black floral pattern (that isn’t really visible in this picture). I like to pair her with other floral-y patterns for some variety in my everyday look!

 Bag #3

Here’s bag number three, the sweetest little heart-shaped beaded number with a long, beaded red strap and red-and-green detailing on the body. Since she’s so so small, I like to save her for special occasions (like date night!) so she can shine bright, as she should.

Bag #4

My fourth mini bag is a true y2k dream: a vintage Dooney and Bourke shoulder purse in bubblegum pink with multi-colored letters and a pink-and-gold enamel heart for the zipper. Pair her with a monochrome OR super colorful ‘fit, and you’ll be sure to turn heads!

Bag #5

I just had to add one more picture of my little green baby!

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