Why You Need a Crock-Pot, According to a Crock-Pot

This holiday season, I thought I should introduce the world to a very special someone in my life…my Crock-Pot, Cynthia Pearl! Cynthia Pearl is a wonderful 2.5-quart purple Crock-Pot, and she has brought me a lot of joy this holiday season! She’s here today to tell all of us college kids about the joys of Crock-Pot cooking and how simple it can be to cook for yourself on a college budget!

Her Campus: Hello, Cynthia Pearl! Thank you for letting me interview you today!

Cynthia Pearl: No problem, feel free to call me “CP."

HC: Alrighty CP, so what can you tell me about life as a Crock-Pot?

CP: Life as a Crock-Pot is so great! I love making cooking simple for the efficient chef. Preparing meals with a few ingredients doesn’t get easier than it is with a Crock-Pot. You just throw some stuff together, pick low or high, and set a timer! It’s so easy, and you can be certain that it will taste yummy!

HC: Sounds awesome, but is it really that simple to cook in a Crock-Pot?

CP: Absolutely! Crock-Pot cooking is so simple! Some dishes take a little prep, but for the most part you just choose high or low and let the food sit for a while, and I do my thing! Also, Crock-Pot dishes are DELICIOUS, and you can make almost anything in a Crock-Pot. If you bake it, roast it, or just heat it up…you can Crock-Pot it! And cleanup is so easy!

HC: I like that, “Crock-Pot it." What are some of your favorite Crock-Pot ideas this time of year?

CP: So many things! Around the holidays, I do a lot of baking. Cakes, crisps and crumbles, breakfast bakes, you can do it all in a Crock-Pot! A Crock-Pot is also great for heating up soups or stews! If you’re feeling more advanced, you can even make lasagna and other baked pasta dishes! One of my favorite things to make when it’s cold is mulled cider. It’s apple cider with stick cinnamon, cloves and oranges, and it is ~heavenly~. Not to mention, it makes your room smell really good! Who needs candles (illegal) when you have a Crock-Pot?

HC: Wow, that all sounds amazing! I have certainly enjoyed our culinary adventures so far, CP! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise today!

CP: Oh, no problem! I really do think that everyone could use a Crock-Pot in their life!