What You'll Gain From Studying Abroad

While we’ve been rushing to go through the course list and sign up for classes, the study abroad opportunities for next Winter Term were released. And though it’s hard to look ahead even to the next few of weeks (since those look very dismal and we don’t need that stress), make sure to consider those study abroad opportunities before the deadline passes. Even if you’re nervous about traveling to a foreign country or hate plane rides, there’s a ton of reasons to look into study abroad.

Bonding With Your Study Abroad Group

            I can’t think of too many bonding activities that would be quite as fun as studying abroad together. You get to spend three weeks with this group of people in a new country, exploring and having new experiences together as you get to know each other. While being in a foreign country with a group of people that you might not know very well might be nerve-wracking, just see it as an opportunity to grow and meet some new people.

Learning About a New Culture

            Nothing teaches you about a place quite like living there and immersing yourself in its culture. Especially if you haven’t traveled abroad before, or you haven’t been to one particular country, going there is an exciting experience full of new foods, sights, and ways of life. If you need a break from the familiar and the routine, traveling abroad is a great way to not only get acquainted with a new culture, but also to experience something refreshing and new. If you’re going to have to take another class, you might as well take it abroad!