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What #RideForOlivia is Teaching Young Girls and Equestrians Everywhere

Horses are amazing creatures. While many are scared by their immense stature and strength, there is a small group of individuals who are fascinated by them. These are the equestrians of the world, or better known as “horse people." 
The bond between a person and a horse is unparalleled, and it’s impossible to understand unless you are one of the lucky few that has a horse. Horses have the capability to bring out the best in a person, while also gently showing them their weaknesses. While it is a true gift to be blessed with a horse, being in the presence of these wonderful creatures comes with an undeniable risk, which the whole world fell witness to this past week. 
On Sunday, March 6th, a young girl by the name of Olivia Inglis lost her life in a heartrending equestrian accident. Unfortunately, her parents were in the stands and witnessed this tragedy unfold. Just a few days later, her horse was put down as well due to injuries he sustained in the accident. 
As news of this horrible event spread, an amazing thing happened. Equestrians around the world united to mourn the death of a young girl and her horse. To show their support, many posted their favorite photos of their horses to social media with the hashtag #RideForOlivia. 
This amazing worldwide effort has not only brought comfort to her grieving parents, but it is a reminder to young girls and equestrians around the world. Olivia’s death shows us that while life is a precious gift, you should never let fear get in the way of your happiness. Olivia’s love for horses has become quite apparent to all following her story. While I did not know her, I am sure that she would not want anyone to stop following their dreams, whether equestrian based or not, out of fear.
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