What to do in the Airport When Your Flight is Delayed, Delayed, Delayed

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling on an airplane, you probably know the struggle of plane delays. Missing machinery, non-functioning brakes - literally anything can happen, and it happens often. As I patiently sit in O’Hare Airport waiting for a part of my plane to get replaced, I find myself doing many of the activities I tend to do when this happens. If you ever find yourself stuck in an airport waiting to take off to your dream destination (or back to school), here are some great things to do in the airport.

  1. 1. Homework

    I always bring my laptop, so connecting to the free airport WiFi and getting some work done is always a viable option. I don’t necessarily want to be doing homework on the way to vacation, but it is something super productive to do in a time where you’d otherwise not be doing much. It also means that any work you get done before you get on the plane gives you that much more time to nap on the plane. You’re welcome.

  2. 2. Read a Book

    I always try to have a book in my backpack just in case there is some odd portion of time where I don’t have time to take my laptop out or I don’t really want to rifle around looking for something to do in my backpack. Usually, I have some sort of short novel, something fun and easy to read, just to help entertain myself when it gets boring.

  3. 3. Yoga

    Sitting down for so long is not the best thing for your body which is why when I get the chance, I love to do a quick yoga stretching sequence in the airport. Now, I understand that this may make me look a little crazy to the other plane-goers, but it helps immensely with sore and stiff muscles. Doing just a few minutes of quick stretching or moving around while you have a delay or a layover helps so much, and future you will thank you.

  4. 4. Use the Massage Chairs

    Most large airports have those fancy massage chairs in every terminal, so take advantage of them! Like yoga and stretching, the massage chairs help to get your muscles loosened and moving so that you don’t feel so darn stiff when you get off the flight you are waiting for.

  5. 5. Facetime a Friend

    If I get stuck in an airport, I will call and call and call each and every one of my friends so that I can update them and talk with them. It helps me (especially if I am flying alone) to not feel so lonely and uncomfortable in a large public space. I especially love doing this because I can say hello to their family or friends (or my best friend’s dog), which always seems to brighten my day.

Of course, I hope that no one’s flight get delayed, but if that happens now you have options. Enjoy your flight!