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management fellows: Flutter pig

webkinz flutter pig

Photo by Webkinz

Learning how to navigate the world of business can be just as challenging as making pigs fly, and in this case, both things have been accomplished. Both the Management Fellows and the Flutter Pig do big things and create a new path for themselves in the world. Pigs are known for keeping your money safe, just like the Management Fellows learn to do! They aim for the sky both literally and figuratively!

Honor Scholars: Signature barn owl

signature owl webkinz

Photo by Webkinz

Webkinz Signature Barn Owl is a smarty pants just like DePauw’s Honor Scholars! Plus when you join Ho-scho (at least when I did) they send you a pair of DePauw socks covered in owls! Both the Signature Barn Owl and Honor Scholars are sharp observers and ask lots of questions such as “who”!

Environmental fellows: Green earth puppy

green earth puppy

Photo by Webkinz

What do dogs and trees have in common? They both bark! I think this Webkinz is the perfect representative for the Environmental Fellows! Both Green Earth Puppy and the Environmental Fellows have a passion for taking care of planet earth! Just think, Green Earth Puppy can dig the holes and the fellows can plant the trees!

Science research fellows: signature small black lab

Signature Small Black Lab

Photo by Webkinz

Lots of science research takes place in a lab setting, and what better way to represent that than the Signature Small Black Lab? Science Research Fellows can bring their Webkinz along to run around while doing fieldwork, plus the Small Black Lab can assist in taking taste and smell samples to collect data! Both fellow and pup look great when rocking their lab coat!

Media fellows: rockerz zebra

Rockerz Zebra

Photo by Webkinz

What’s black and white and red all over? Both the Rockerz Zebra and The DePauw! Just like the Rockerz Zebra, Media fellows have an appreciation for music, especially when DJing at WGRE! Both the Media Fellows and the Rockerz Zebra will make their voices heard in many ways, whether that is at a rock concert for animals or things like podcasts or TV!

Hi! I'm Charlotte and I am from Nashville, TN! I'm a sophmore at DePauw!