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Trends You’re Seeing On Campus

Now that we have officially entered into the winter season, kids are rushing to find the biggest fashion trends on campus or simply show off their style. Here are some of the most popular trends on campus if you’re looking for a fashion tip or two!

Trench Coat

One of the biggest trends on campus so far is the trench coat. Not only does it keep you warm during the winter, but it does it in style! You can dress this coat up with a simple t-shirt or pair it with an even cuter outfit below. This coat says “I’m bold and prepared for Winter!” Don’t be sad if you think this coat is just for winter, this lightweight and breathable fabric transcends all seasons!

Long Sleeve Flannel Shirts 

This is presumably the most popular trend on campus currently as you can probably spot at least one person killing it in their plaid shirt. Not only can you get them in a number of colors and pair them with many items of clothing, but it keeps the vibe both casual and cute. Flannels are made out of a cozy fabric that makes it comfy to wear outdoors paired with or without a jacket, and it also has an incredibly flattering pattern that sets you out from the rest. 

Accessories: Rings 

That’s right! The most popular accessory right now is rings! Over time, this accessory has become the companion of many to spice up their outfit! Wearing rings directs attention to the hand, where people will be mesmerized by your clear sense of style even if you are just wearing a simple long sleeve. It has truly become an aid in helping people develop their sense of fashion. 

White Sneakers

White shoes are so bright and neat looking as they add a practical flair to your outfit. Not only are they a comfortable pair of shoes that you can depend on for support, but they can make your outfit just that much more classy! White sneakers are in for all seasons. They are a neutral color that matches whatever season or whatever style you are currently wearing.

Cassia McPhilliamy is a member of Hercampus Depauw and currently writes under the style section.
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