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Top 5 Black Female-Owned Beauty Companies You Need to Support

I know one of my main missions when I shop for beauty products is to find companies that are ethical, sustainable, and support a greater cause than funding some millionaire’s lifestyle. When looking to find new beauty companies I look for 2 main criteria: is it vegan/not tested on animals? and who is the face behind the company? I love to support females in general when it comes to the beauty industry as I hope to be one of them someday but I also really enjoy supporting women of color. Here is my top 5 list of Black female-owned beauty companies you need to check out:

  1. Kanti


Kanti was created to uncomplicate skincare for people of color and embrace their inner glow. They are focused on making skincare for people of color at the forefront instead of an afterthought. Kanti strives to celebrate melanin-rich skin by bringing out the glow from within.

2. Juvia’s Place


Juvia’s Place is a makeup and skincare company that centers its mission on inclusivity. Whether you identify as a male, female, non-binary, etc. to whatever your skin tone is Juvia’s Place will celebrate you! They believe in being bright, bold, and proud.

3. Silk + Noir


Silk + Noir is a luxury skin/body care company based in NYC. They use all-natural ingredients to take care of skin like nature intended. So that everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin and know that their skin is healthier!

4. Pat McGrath


Pat McGrath is a world-renowned makeup artist who has set global makeup trends as well as elevated the arts of the makeup industry. She has been formulating and creating her must-have collection of high-performance cosmetics – Pat McGrath Labs. Pat McGrath Labs creates obsession-worthy cosmetics that push the boundaries of the beauty industry.

5. Sienna Naturals


Sienna Naturals is the first dermatologist-tested haircare line specifically for curly, kinky, and coily hair. They strive for the mindset that no matter how you like to wear or style your hair there should always be a way to get back to your best hair and your best scalp care. And no one should have to choose between great ingredients and great hair.

Lizzie is a senior at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN. She is creating her own major compiled of Economics, Computer Science, and Studio Art which she will call "Emerging Technology in Business & Design". She hopes to own her own cosmetic company one day! Lizzie enjoys playing volleyball, doing anything artsy (embroidery, painting, graphic design, etc), playing around with makeup, and all things fall! Lizzie currently works on the photo blogs and she is also the photographer for DePauw's branch of HerCampus.
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