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Hair loss is becoming more and more of a concern for women, especially to college girls who have unpredictable schedules, limited financial resources, little professional knowledge, and time to take care of our hair.  It can come from many potential causes, including poor nutrition, mineral deficiencies, medications, stress or illness, or genetics. Sadly, there is no guarantee that we can permanently prevent hair loss, which is genetically predetermined or from factors beyond our control. However, I believe that we can at least can do our best to keep our hair healthy and beautiful. Here’s what I do to slow down and possibly reverse hair loss.

Keep Hair Short

A short haircut is not a cure for hair loss since the root cause of hair loss is from inside the scalp, not related to the short length of the hair. However, I found myself growing and maintaining my hair better, especially with showering and combing. Having long hair causes split and frizz, and tangled hair makes my hair loss worse. 

Choose shampoos with mild properties

Besides following all the traditional showering steps, I choose the shampoo and conditioner with mild properties to keep my scalp and hair healthy. Checking the ingredients on the bottle can help you see if it is a mild shampoo. You should consider avoiding those containing sulfates, parabens, and sulfonate.

Get a Good Comb

How you brush your hair and what comb you use have a big impact on the condition of your hair. I would recommend not to use a brush-style comb to brush when your hair is wet, but rather use a regular brush. Do not comb from top to bottom, but from underneath your hair, and be as gentle as possible. 

Drink Enough Water

Personally, this method saves lots of my hair since I hardly get enough sleep. There is no way to deny the crucial role of water to our body. It will keep the hair moisture, provide vitamins and minerals to strengthen the hair. Also, staying hydrated will improve skin and nail appearance, as well as physical health. 

Valerie Tran

DePauw '23

I'm a Freshman at Depauw University and hope to major in Biology. I'm interested in beauty, music, and lifestyle!
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