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Three Winter Boots to Have for the First Snow

The coziest time of the year is right around the corner. Here is what you’ll need to keep your feet warm during the chilly winter months.

1)    Sorel’s Women’s Caribou Boot

These comfortable winter boots are the real deal for anyone living north enough to experience the harsh winter snow and slush. Being completely waterproof, they are designed to keep your feet dry and warm throughout all of winter. The felt liner is also removable for more versatility. They come in brown, grey (shown above) and black.

2) Sperry’s Women’s Saltwater Quilted Wool Duck Boot

A twist on the classic duck boot, these are designed to handle the cold a little better with their wool lining to provide warmth. The laces make the boot extremely adjustable, which allows you to layer up on thick socks as the temperatures drop. They’re available in black, grey and oyster (shown above).

3) North Face’s Women’s Chilkat 400 Boot

More similar to the Sorel’s than the Sperry’s, North Face’s winter boot for women is designed to handle the freezing temperatures. The insulation these boots offer will keep your feet warm playing outside all-day or even when hiking to class. Not to mention they are made with a grip on the bottom, which should help even the clumsiest of people avoid falling on the ice. Check these out in taupe (shown above) or black.

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