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Thomas McEvily ’18

By Katie Tipsword

This freshman campus cutie from Larchmont, New York is looking forward to a great year here at DePauw. He is part of the outdoors club, a musician, and was also nominated for Lord of Old Gold. DePauw Her Campus, meet Thomas McEvily!

Her Campus: How is your freshman year going?

Thomas McEvily: Freshman year has been great! It’s been really hard balancing social life, work, and sleep. Sleep has been taking a back seat because I really like to meet new people but I also want good grades. Caffeine has been really important lately.

HC: So how does it feel to be a campus cutie?

TM: It’s truly an honor. I know it’s a very rigorous competition to become one and I’m glad I was picked.

HC: Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

TM: I play 8 instruments!

HC: What instruments?

TM: Trumpet, saxophone, bass, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, guitar, and piano.

HC: That is certainly impressive! What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?

TM: I love Simply Ming. It’s this Asian guy on the Food Network and it’s always on at 2 am. He makes the most ridiculous dishes. That show is close to my heart.

HC: Sounds like an interesting show! So, since you’re so into music, what’s the last song you were listening to on your iPod?

TM: Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight”.

HC: Great song. Now, let’s get to the fun stuff. Any special ladies in your life or any campus crushes?

TM: No, I had a girlfriend back home but we are just friends now.

HC: What do you look for in a girl?

TM: Hair and eyes to be honest. I am also a sucker for deep brown eyes and like girls who can have fun and be silly and not care what other people think about them.

HC: Idea of your perfect date?

TM: I would say dressing up, going to a nice restaurant, and definitely get desert there. I’m not too picky about the food but not burgers; something nice. After we would take a walk around. Just enjoy each other’s company.

HC: Have you ever been on a really bad date?

TM: They have all been good.

HC: Lucky you! What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for a girl?

TM: I had a crush on this girl from sleep away camp; we went to the same camp for eight years and worked there together for three years. We knew it was our last year there together and she asked me to play a song for her on the guitar, at this point we were kind of a thing. I played for her “All I Want Is You” by U2. Looking back it was probably the cheesiest thing you could do, but at the moment it was very romantic.

HC: So you can sing too?

TM: I didn’t say that.

HC: Haha, I’m sure you can! Well, thank you for your time, Thomas!

TM: Thank you, it has been an honor!

There you have it, ladies. Get to know Thomas a little more, and maybe he will play the guitar for you too! But only if you’re lucky. 

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