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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.


I found, senior, Taylor Baron quietly reading on the third floor of Roy O. West library.  “What are you doing?”  “Reading for seminar.”  “Want to be this week’s Communication Studies Campus Cutie?”  “Of course.”  He pushed aside his textbooks, shut his new Mac computer, and stood up to go with me to Café Roy.  Clad in blue jeans, a button down flannel shirt and a full-tooth grin, Taylor stands a foot taller than I do and leans over to give me a bear hug.  Ladies, if you’re in the market for a big, strong man who will make you laugh and love to eat just as much as you do, Taylor’s your guy. 

Her Campus: Thanks for meeting with me on such short notice, Taylor. 

Taylor Baron: It’s really not a problem.  If anything, it’s a much needed study break.


HC: So you’re swamped after Thanksgiving Break?

TB: Pretty much.  It’s those last two weeks of classes that kill us all. 


HC: As finals creep up, where will you be cooped up studying?

TB: Prindle or 3rd floor of Roy, depending if it feels like an icebox or oven.


HC: Oh, and before we go any further I’d like you to tell the Her Campus readers a little about yourself?

TB: I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but I have lived in St. Charles, Illinois with my family for 19 years.  I like food and I really like to

spend time at good restaurants in Chicago.


HC: Any other interesting facts?

TB: I was hit by a car when I was 15.  That hurt.  A lot. And, my favorite animal is a bear.

HC: Which is what people sometimes call you.

TB: Yes.


HC: What are your best memories from DePauw?  

TB: Freshman year cannot be topped and getting paired with a great roommate, whom I still remain friends.  His name’s David Morgan and 

he’s also single.


HC: What’s your zodiac sign?  

TB: Is that a question?

HC: Yes. 

TB: I’m an Aquarius, and last time I checked, Aquarians basically possess strong and attractive personalities.


HC: Are you involved in any activities on campus?  

TB: I’m an active member of fraternity life here at DePauw; specifically I’m a senior ΑΤΩ.

HC: And have you ever studied abroad?  

TB: I spent last Winter Term in Paris and Berlin. We travelled for two weeks.  I loved it.  If I had the opportunity, I would go back to Paris in a second.

HC: Would you recommend the Off-Campus Winter Term trips to underclassmen?  

TB: Definitely go on a trip if you can.  It’s an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

HC: What are you plans for this next Winter Term?  

TB: I’m going on a food-based trip to Spain and Portugal during January.  I can’t wait to eat a lot of great food & drink a lot of great wine.

HC: Wish I could go.

TB: Yeah, everyone says that.  It’s going to be incredible. 

HC: Well then, before you go overseas, you’ll celebrate Christmas.  Are you asking for anything special?

TB: Actually, I already received my Christmas present.  Former Her Campus: Campus Cutie, Mark Tolley “accidently” spilled a drink all over 

my old laptop.  And so now I have a new one. 

HC: Besides getting into the spirit of giving (or receiving), what else are you doing to get in the Christmas spirit?

TB: We’re decorating the best room in the house, Room 20, with Christmas lights while listening to Frank Sinatra Christmas music. He’s the

chairman of the board. We even have a tree. What more could you ask for?

HC: That’s more than I’m doing —I put up a stocking.

TB: Yeah, that’s not enough.


HC: Okay, Bear.  What do you look for in a girl?  

TB: Someone who likes to eat and can make me laugh; visa versa.

HC: What’s the most attractive trait a girl can possess?

TB: Eyes. I am a sucker for eyes, blue, brown, hazel or whatever they may be.  Some girls can have really beautiful eyes.

HC: What’s the most confusing thing about girls?

TB: They, in no way, shape, or form, think as guys do.  It’s not a bad thing, just something you have to understand as a guy.

HC: What’s the biggest turn-off?

TB: Smell.

HC: Who is your campus crush?

TB: Professor Sununu.  The best professor I’ve experienced here at DePauw and the only one who stays up as late as we do.

HC: Almost done.  Where do you see yourself in five years?

TB: Owning a restaurant, bartending, or foraging in the wilderness —any one of the three.


HC: Any last words?

TB: Thanks for reading and start heading to Goodwill for those ugly Christmas sweaters now!