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Super Sleek Semester Kick-off : HerCampus and RTR

Super Sleek Semester Kick-off

We’re baaaaaack. Her Campus DePauw, that is. Whether we travelled around the world during Winter Term, partook in the Winter Term challenge (maybe not so successfully), or just hibernated in your basement at home, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. And, what better way to kick off the tedious beginning of the semester than with a sleek cocktail party hosted by Her Campus? Paired with Rent the Runway, the duo hosted a great event on Friday night, right on DePauw’s campus! Those who rented from RTR even got free goodies.  

The RTR Campus reps successfully hosted the party, sporting RTR looks.

Didn’t get a chance to make it to the event this past week? Make sure to keep an eye out for more Her Campus and Rent the Runway fun to come this semester! Let’s get geared up for a great spring semester, DePauw. Hopefully it can be made even better with the little bits of fun that Her Campus DePauw will provide this semester!

A variety of people headed out to the event on Friday night to show their style!

Candy and sunglass were given to RTR-renters.
Rose Overbey

DePauw '20

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