Style the Color of the Year (2020)

Every year, Pantone releases the color of the year after an analysis of trends and color influences from all over the world. 2019 was “Living Coral” and now for 2020 it is “Classic Blue.” Pantone says that this shade will instill “confidence, and connection."  Now you know the color, but how do you translate that over to your 2020 fashion choices? Continuing reading to find out how…

  1. 1. Staple Dress

    This dress will be flattering to any body type with a synched, tied, waist and ruffles. Perfect for a date night, a wedding, formal season, and it’s the perfect color for Winter and into Spring.

  2. 2. A Comfey Oversized Sweater

    Everyone needs an oversized sweater. Pair it with jeans as seen above or with leggings and it will sure look cute. Again, perfect transition into Spring as the weather becomes nicer, but still isn’t warm enough for shorts. The classic blue will be perfect year-round in 2020.

  3. 3. Dress Pants

    The small bow accent on these high wasted pants is super flattering and the color will be a classic yet sassy choice for your outfit. These dress pants are so versatile, you can wear them out to dinner, to a bar, an interview, internship or even to class. Everyone needs these in their closet.

  4. 4. Bralette

    A bralette is perfect because if a strap is out it’s a style, not a problem. And it looks cute under almost any shirt! Pair it under the oversized sweater for a cute, chill, matching look. You never have to worry about your bra showing through because it will always look cute!

  5. 5. Comfy Shoes

    Vans are my personal favorite slip-on’s. The only way they could get better is if they had stars on them (check!) and they were the color of the year for 2020 (check!). I love accents on a pair of shoes because you can pair them with any outfit and it instantly becomes cuter.

So, you want to be classy and in stay in style this year? Throw on the classic blue color of 2020!