Style Boxes That Won’t Break Your Budget

As college students, we struggle with the want to ~ treat yourself ~, but also stay on a pretty tight budget. Here are some of the best style and subscription boxes for the relaxation-craving, penny-pinching student!

  1. The Walmart Beauty Box

The Walmart Beauty box includes a ton of cute samples sent right to your door every three months.  And even better? It’s only $5 (INCLUDING SHIPPING), so you don’t have to drop a ton of money on something you might not even like!

2. The Nailed It Box

Are you a gal that loves to have your nails done all the time but can’t stand paying the salon price? Definitely give Nailed It a try! They’ll send you adorable nail stickers, polish, and tools for $14.95 a month!

3. Pure Artisan Natural Soap

If you’re someone who is obsessed with smelling amazing and feeling amazing, try out the Pure Artisan Soap Subscription box. It’s pure, healthy, artisan-crafted soap sent to your door (or UB Box) every month. You get to choose from many different scents, such as Lemon Bouquet, Lavender Spice and Shea Butter, for $5.99 a month.  

4. My Period Bag

All us ladies know that when Aunt Flo comes knocking every month, we need a little extra self-care.  Okay…maybe a lot extra self-care. My Period Bag sends yummy snacks, Advil, and self-care items every month for only $11.95!

5. Birchbox

This is a beauty junkie cult classic. Pay only $10 a month for an amazing beauty and health box, complete with makeup, hair, and skin care samples! Birchbox will ship right to your UB Box or sorority house!