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Student Government Elections

Ah, DePauw Democracy…It’s that time of the year again when leaders step into the public eye and announce their platforms for Student Government elections. It’s an exciting time on campus, as sheet signs, posters, chalk drawings, and slogans pepper the walls, trees, sidewalks, and bulletin boards on every inch of campus. The candidate debate was yesterday, and now we have a school full of informed voters.

All the candidates are amazing, so log onto e-services now and cast your ballots!! 


1. Jordan Roller and Jacob Hemrick

2. Craig Carter and Katie Kondry


VP Student Life:

1. Anna Gawlik


VP Academic Life:

1. Perrin Duncan

2. Kya Simmons


VP Allocations:

1. Nate Smith

2. Shakira Gibson


Sophomores: Erika Killion, Griffin Botts, Patrick O’Malley, Mary Ann Etling, Kate Whalley

Juniors: Perrin Duncan

Seniors: Marcus Dozier, Melissa Guerrero, Hannah Viti


Allocations Board:

Taquesha Dean

Jazzkia Jones

Sashell Huntington

Nicholas Moorman

Brandon Serra

Board of Trustees:

Lauren Abendroth

Courtney Cosby

Cody Watson

Omobolaji Teriba

Kacy Rauschenberger


Alumni Board:

Dione Gordon

Marjorie Daily

Voting is open until Saturday so make sure you get your vote in!! These are the amazing DePauw students who will be our voices, so make sure you get online and vote!!

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