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Songs for Your Spring Break Playlist

Spring break is finally here for DePauw! Whether you’re preparing to travel or enjoying a stay-cation, here are a few songs to add to your spring break playlist to get this week started off the right way.

"Summer Lover" by Harbor & Home: Although it’s not summer yet, this alternative rock band from Minneapolis, MN is ready to prepare you for better days and warmer weather. This song has a light beat and a catchy chorus, making it perfect for your spring break road trip.

"Together at Least (The Betterment Blues)" by Ryan Montbleau: Slowing it down, Ryan Montbleau’s American singer-songwriter voice really shines through in this song. This is the kind of song you hear while a movie character is looking out the window on a long, dramatic car ride.

"I Fall Apart" by Post Malone: This song is currently ranked #15 on Spotify’s USA Top 50 playlist. By far one of Malone’s most emotionally-charged songs, some critics have gone as far as to call it a lyrical masterpiece. I can now forgive him for confusing kangaroos and koalas this past January.

"Flowers" by James Spaite: This song is full of honesty and depth. Spaite openly admits to having anxiety that stems from writing and an ADHD diagnosis. He battles this on his personal blog, which is again full of honesty and depth. If you’re looking for an artist with lyrics that you can relate to, here he is.

"Super Far" by LANY: A relatively new group, LANY is an American indie pop band from Los Angeles. LANY is starting to get some well-deserved recognition for their self-titled album. If you like music from X Ambassadors, Troye Sivan, or Halsey, I would definitely check LANY out (who has opened for all of these artists in previous years!).

"At the Beach" by The Avett Brothers: The Avett Brothers are an American folk-rock band from Concord, North Carolina. They have a unique sound and all of their lyrics are filled with raw emotion. This song is fun and light, making it another great road trip or beach day tune.

"Don’t Wanna Fight" by Alabama Shakes: Alabama Shakes is a blues rock band from Athens, Alabama. This song in particular has a great beat and fun lyrics. Furthermore, I can attest that Alabama Shakes is even more amazing in concert and strongly suggest checking out their Summer 2018 tour schedule.

"Caught Up" by Anthony Russo: I would like to thank Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist for introducing me to Anthony Russo. I’m absolutely hooked on his music now. Born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, Russo has released several singles on Spotify and SoundCloud. Currently, Russo is on tour with G-Eazy. He is definitely going to be an artist to keep an eye on in the upcoming months.

"Sober" by Childish Gambino: An oldie but a goodie, this song is one of Donald Glover’s most popular hits from his 2014 album Kauai. The keyboard in the song is fun and upbeat, making it a great spring break jam.

"California" by Anthony Russo: Another one from Anthony Russo! "California" has been Russo’s top hit as an artist. This song is reminiscent of previous work by Blackbear, Marc E. Bassy, and Bryce Vine.

"Thinking It Over" by Morningsiders: If you enjoy The Avett Brothers, you’ll also enjoy this band. At the crossroads of indie and folk music, "Thinking it Over" is one of the more upbeat songs on this playlist.

"Lose It" by SWMRS: From Oakland, California, this punk band has a sound reminiscent of Frank Ocean, Seaway, and The Frights. This is a great song to unwind and relax to, making it a great one for both laying out by the pool or catching up on rest at home.

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