Songs for Your Girls' Night Playlist

As much as we work to build up our favorite playlists with all the best songs, all playlists get stale after a while and need some additions and refurbishment. If your current tunes aren’t doing it for you anymore, try to revitalize your playlist with some oldies but goodies! When the weekend comes around and you need a night to hang out with your girls, get a speaker and fill the room with these throwback tunes from female artists that will be sure to get everyone singing and moving.

“Here’s to Never Growing Up”— Avril Lavigne

Start out your ladies' night with this fun tune about letting yourself off the hook and having a good time—perfect for the weekend.

“Who Run the World (Girls)”— Beyoncé

The perfect addition to any strong woman’s playlist. Jam to this feminist anthem with your ladies.

“I Love It”— Icona Pop (feat. Charli XCX)

This one played on the radio nonstop for awhile, but give it another visit during a fun night with your girls. Everyone probably knows the words, so sing along together!

“Independent Women”— Destiny’s Child

The title says it all. Bring your favorite independent women together and enjoy this classic tune.

“No One”— Alicia Keys

Slow it down for a second and belt out the lyrics to this powerful ballad.

“Hollaback Girl”—Gwen Stefani

A classic. Yell the lyrics to this one together, dance with your friends, or do both!