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Small Decor Pieces You Can Add to Spice Up Your Dorm

I feel like each year I move into my room and my decor taste has changed so much.  But, I don’t have the time, the money, and it seems wasteful to change literally everything each year.  So, here are five little things you can add to spice up your room this year! 

First, I love making collages.  You can make one yourself or find one on Etsy.  I like to hand-select each image off of Pinterest that way I am guaranteed to like every picture.  This can act as a vision board, one big art piece, or a few personal touches around your room.  You can personalize this as much as you want and even throw in a few pictures of your family and friends! 

Second idea – hear me out…. That sunset lamp.  I don’t know how or why, but this lamp literally can change the vibe of a room within seconds.  I know you’ve seen this, we’ve all seen it thanks to TikTok.  It’s like the classier version of LED lights (which we all still love).  

My third idea! Walk down to the square in Greencastle and go plant hunting.  There are a ton of stores that have sweet little plants that can make an area more green, more natural, and just all around happier.  

Change your bedspread! You don’t even need to buy an entire sheet set for this.  If you invest in a down comforter (or be like me and get a cheap one I got from Ikea for $15), you can change out the cover whenever you feel like it.  Now that I’m writing this, I wonder if there are Christmas duvet covers? 

Add a tapestry! One of the coolest websites is RedBubble.  We all know them for stickers, but did you know that they also sell tapestries? They’re all designed by artists and they are perfect for quickly changing up a room’s decor (or covering that weird crack in the wall).  


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Hi, I'm Katherine! I'm an Anthropology major. I am a member of the Honors Scholar Program, as well as a Bonner Scholar.
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