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Shelby Lutz ’20

This week I was able to sit down with Shelby Lutz, a sophomore here at DePauw. Shelby is an avid archer, geology major, and a member of the Honor Scholar program. She was able to meet with HerCampus to talk about her experience in the Honor Scholar (or HoScho) program and what it means to her.

HerCampus: Hey Shelby, thank you for sitting down with HerCampus today! How are you?

Shelby Lutz: I’m peachy.

HC: Oh great! So what have you been up to lately?

SL: I’ve been working on my Honor Scholar seminar homework for tomorrow.

HC: Oh nice! So what HoScho is that for?

SL: It’s for religion and literature with Professor Beth Benedix.

HC: So what do you do in that class?

SL: Well, we’ve been discussing the major religions of the world and, as in any good Honor Scholar course, we’ve had some really great discussions that have stemmed off of that.

HC: Oh okay, so what would you say your favorite thing about the course is?

SL: I really like that Professor Benedix has created “give us something to write about experiences”, which is basically when small groups lead a class discussion, so we’ve had the opportunity to hold class outside and in other buildings so we can get away from the classroom. We usually have special activities that students have planned and discussions, which I’ve really valued.

HC: And what do you like about this set-up? Would you say that this class you’re in now is similar to other HoScho classes you’ve taken in the past?

SL: Well, I like it because it's very interactive, which is the norm for other HoScho classes. This one is a little more so, but in the three seminars I have had, we have had great discussions. Everybody is so intelligent and have a different opinion. We look at things differently and I think that’s part of the core and heart of Honor Scholar; everyone coming together is a different major and views thing from other view points, so those experiences bring in different aspects of conversations that we wouldn’t have otherwise gone to.  

HC: And what do you feel like you're getting out of this program?

SL: The Honor Scholar program pushes me and challenges me academically. While this program strengthens my learning and writing, I have been able to do projects in this class that go completely away from the typical essay structure. My three pieces for this course that I just submitted are two Prezi presentations and one is a livewinder.

HC: That is definitely an amazing opportunity. And would you say that HoScho has given you tools that you can use going into the future?

SL: Yes, because we have students from different academic backgrounds and majors, we look at things differently and therefore the discussions we have in HoScho seminars prepare us for conversations among different professions. Like how do scientists talk to writers and such. There are so many people from different walks of life.

HC: That definitely seems helpful. Would you recommend that people do this program if they have the chance?

SL: Yes, absolutely.

HC: Well, thank you so much for meeting with me today, Shelby. Good luck with the end of the semester!

SL: Thanks, you too!

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