Seven Crazy Expensive Gifts That Exist for Your Dog

Admittedly, I’m one of those people who loves their dog a little too much…I came to this realization on Black Friday, when the first store I hit that morning was PetSmart. My sweet rescue pup, Georgia, is the light of my life, and in my eyes, she is completely deserving of her own present under the tree this year. In the store, I joined dozens of other pet parents searching for the perfect gift for their furriest loved one. Since my trip, I’ve set out on a quest to find the most absurd and expensive gifts you can purchase for your dog for the holidays (which are arguably completely arbitrary to animals). Nonetheless, throughout the search I did find myself wishing I wasn’t a broke college student so I could purchase such fine goods. Here’s what I found:

1. Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed

Amazon | $88.70

I know how important my heated blanket is to me over the winter, so it makes sense that a pet would enjoy the same luxury. But for over $80, maybe it makes more sense for me to just let my dog cuddle up under my blanket with me instead.

2. Dog DNA TestEmbark | $199.00

I believe this gift would be less for the dog and more for the owner. Developed by Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, this kit allows you to determine the genetic makeup of your dog. In addition to telling you what breeds your dog is made of, it also flags your pet for certain health concerns.

3. VIP Parfums

Michel's | $4,000 for 4 oz.

I quickly realized I had been searching the wrong side of the internet when I found this dog perfume. Honestly, I didn’t even know dog perfume existed until I found this brand. I can’t ever see myself being in a position where I can afford such a luxury, but kudos to those who can.

4. Ralph Lauren Pet Carrier

Ralph Lauren | $1,950

Another gift for the owner instead of the pet, this carrier lets you bring your cat or dog around town in style. Such an accessory really gives me Legally Blonde vibes, and I’m not mad about it.

5. A Regal Dog Portrait

Lord Truffles on | $600

There’s a person on Etsy that makes custom regal dog portraits for $600. This is a real thing that exists in our world.

6. CUBE Dog Bed | $1,585

My primary reason for choosing this item was the cute flying pug in the picture. This pup is flying straight onto a real leather bed that rests on a solid wood frame. No big deal.

7. The World’s Most Expensive Dog Collar

I Love Dogs Diamonds | $3,200,000

Everything else is child’s play compared to this collar. Amour, Amour is the most expensive dog collar in the world. It is handcrafted using crocodile leather, white gold and over 52 carats of brilliant round and pear-shaped diamonds. It’s fine; I’m fine.