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Sarah Pereyra ’19

This week we sat down with sophomore Sarah Pereyra.

Her Campus: Hi Sarah! How are you today?

Sarah: I’m great, thanks!

HC: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

SP: I’m from California. I love to hike, surf and listen to music.  I’m also really into photography!

HC: That’s a lot! Now, let’s talk about your love for live music! How many concerts have you been to?

SP:  I think I have been to about seven or eight concerts. 

HC: When did you become interested in going to concerts?

SP:   I honestly have no clue; that was so long ago!

HC: What is your favorite thing about them?

SP: My favorite thing about concerts is being able to meet a lot of new people. I have met some of my best friends at shows.  Sometimes, you reconnect with old friends that you haven’t seen in a while, which is also great!

HC: Which concerts are you looking forward to this year?

SP:  I am going to try to go to Lightning in a Bottle and Coachella.  I’d also really like to see Bruno Mars in concert when he goes on tour.  Then, at the end of the year, I’ll be back at Snowglobe for New Years!

HC: Awesome! Thank you so much for talking with me today, and have fun with your musical festivities!

SP: No problem, and thanks, I will! 

I hate writing, but I love Her Campus DePauw!
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