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Queen of the Crab Suit

Winter Term was winding down and my friends and I were running out of exciting things to fill our time, so I strapped on a giant king crab suit and went to the Lily Center for a quick work out.
            I was not the only one dressed and ready for an interesting work out, my friend and neighbor wore a giant sombrero so she wouldn’t feel out of place. It was midday during Winter Term, so the gym was almost empty, but those lucky few who were there got a nice treat. Once we got to Lily I hoped on the treadmill and started to jog. I was next to two of my friends, who were actually trying to exercise; they got a good laugh at the situation as I ran. After a good two minutes I decided it was time to bike. While on the bike a girl from one of my classes walked by and smiled.
            I was trying to play it off that I wasn’t wearing this strange outfit and greeted her like any other situation, but she was not going to let me off that easily. “What’s with the outfit?”
            I smiled and shrugged it off. I like to do things that are a little out of the ordinary. I like to step outside of the box every now and then, because it is a great story for both sides. I get to say I went to Lily in a crab costume and the people working out get to say they saw a crazy girl at the gym.
            Once word of the second snow day was announced at the beginning of the semester, I pulled on a rainbow afro wig and went to the den for a soda. Every time I got an odd look or someone said something I just yelled, “Happy ice day!” I know my appearance in the den brightened the woman’s working night. It was almost closing time and I know she had had a long day. Now when she went home she could tell who ever was waiting for her that a student came in wearing a strange wig.
            Lets face it we are all weird. Every girl has a giant goof ball bouncing around inside of her. Sometimes I think girls at DePauw and in ladies general, take themselves too seriously. They get caught up with being the beautiful bombshell and forget that we are allowed to be weird whenever we want. I live on a floor of all girls and just joined a sorority, I know first hand that girls are weird when they are surrounded by their best friends and sisters, but why can’t we be weird all the time? Just because there is a cute boy standing off to the side doesn’t mean that you can’t square dance in the middle of a fraternity. I say that’s all the more reason to do it.
            Chances are a guy is more likely to remember you if you look like you are having a blast with your best friends being goofy, than if you are just standing circled up with a few friends chatting. I don’t know how many times I have been told that confidence is key to coming off attractive, and let me tell you, you have to be pretty comfortable in your own skin to wear a king crab costume to the gym.

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