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Pithy & Profound: 10 Things We Can’t Do Without as We Jump Into Fall

1. Music– “I’m on a roll” by Stefano, “Die Young” by Ke$ha ($$ isnecessary in her name), Taylor Swift’s new album, Red (The girl we all love and hate at the same time is back with another album of “ex-boyfriend inspired” songs. Stop lying to yourself and just get it already, “22” has us turning up the volume.

2. Loafers/Ballet Flats? Boots and jeans are always in this time ofyear, but we’re trying to mix up our going out wardrobe with bold colored flats or simple loafers.

3. There is nothing better than free samples. That’s why Birchboxes (http://www.birchbox.com/) rock! If you order a Birchbox, a box with samples of hair products and makeup product will be shipped to yourhouse. The whole concept is GREAT!

4. This fall weather has sparked our love of the flannel shirts!Madewell has some great color flannels and they look perfect over skinny jeans and boots.

5. Instagram. If you don’t already have it, get it. There issomething about it that is just so much fun! Sometimes we get overwhelmed with all the pictures people post in Facebook albums. With Instagram, people usually post a picture every so often, so it is easy to keep up to date with what’s going on with all your followers.

6. Definitely one of the top ten best things about fall is one of my personal faves, Honey Crisp apples. Kroger has a phenomenal supply of these apples during the months of October and November. There is something just so sweet, juicy and delicious about them, so please treat yourself to some!!

7. Don’t you feel somewhat weird wearing bright pink nail polish inthe fall? Yeah, so do we. We are loving the OPI nail polish color You Don’t Know Jack. It is bluish, grayish, blackish and it was madefor this fall weather!

8. This may be obvious, but fall is when the scarves come out. Thereis something special about scarves, it doesn’t matter the color or shape, but they can totally make an outfit. We don’t know about you,but we are excited to start using them to accessorize our outfits. With that being said, scarves can be complicated and confusing, here is a website that shows you the different ways to wear your scarves:


9. Fall would not be the same without vests. It is the best time ofyear to rock a sweater with a colorful vest, jeans, and cute flats or boots. J.Crew has been selling a popular one this season and they haveall sorts of cute colors. Get on the vest train with this link:


10. With Starbucks being Greencastle’s newest edition, a very excitingthing that you CANNOT jump into fall without is pumpkin spice lattes. Since fall is the only time that Starbucks sells these deliciousdrinks, you cannot go through this season without ordering one (or multiple!).

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