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Pithy and Profound: Fall Break Activites

You’ve got to keep yourself entertained for 7 days, here’s how:

1. Read a book and sleep: Leisurely reading? Yes, it’s back! If reading puts you to sleep… then just sleep!       We all know you could use the extra ZZZ’s.
2. Résumé: You have to do it sometime, so you might as well get it done when you don’t have a million             other things going on here at good ‘ole DePauw. Plus, odds are, your parents can give you a                         professional eye.
3. Hang out with your family: ‘Nuf said.
4. Visit high school friends: Since a lot of other schools don’t have the whole week off and since you                 wouldn’t dare leave DePauw on any other ordinary weekend, now’s the perfect time to see that best             friend from high school.
5. Get a home cooked meal or seven: We know how much you LOVE the food at the Hub, but while you’re       home be sure to take advantage of your mom’s spaghetti and meatballs. The microwavable version at         the Hub just doesn’t cut it.
6. Salon day: Miss your salon at home? Well, the good news is you have a week to take care of all of your       beauty needs! Get those eyebrows plucked, those split ends chopped and treat yourself to a shellac             manicure.
7. Workout: Since there’s not enough time in a DePauw day for homework and a workout, take the time to       do that sweaty workout at home without the whole student body watching you. Also, your local YMCA is       probably a whole lot brighter and a lot less smelly than Lilly.
8. Re-stock your closet: With summer in the rearview mirror, you can take all your shorts and sandals up to     the attic and bring down your snow pants and parkas. ‘Tis the season for boots, jeans and oversized             sweaters.
9. Pinterest: It’s time to get your Pinterest boards back in order. Fall Break is the perfect week for some DIY     crafts. Also, keep a lookout for Halloween costume ideas! Just because Halloween falls on a                          Wednesday doesn’t mean DePauw isn’t going to celebrate!
10. And of course, study for that stupid test your professor assigned you for the Monday after fall break.


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