The Perfect (and Inexpensive) Gifts To Get All Your Besties

Buying for your whole squad can get pricey. An idea may be to get everyone the same unique gift or a variety of little gifts. Shops like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, and francesca’s have great giftable products that anyone in your girl gang would love. Gifts are all about presentation too; if you get them something small but package it super cute with a letter, it appears as if you have put more thought and effort into the gift. Here are some ideas of gifts for all your besties under 15 dollars!

These little dishes are perfect for putting your rings or earrings on when you sleep. They complete any desk or vanity, and they come in so many styles. This Do What You Love Trinket Dish (on the left) is from francesca’s and is $15.00. The Camper trinket dish is also from francesca’s but is only $14.00.

This Happiness Incense is a must-have for any relaxing night in! It is $15.00 from francesca’s.

This Blossom perfume gift set is $10.00 from francesca’s and is a colorful gift for any friend. They can put one in their purse, one in their desk, and one in the car. If you give this gift, your friends will never go without smelling like the sweet flowers that they are.

If you love to match your besties, then these Tall Basic Fisherman Beanies are for you. You could get a different color for every spicy gal in your squad. They are sold at Urban Outfitters and are currently on sale for 30% off of $14.00.

Can you ever have too many scrunchies? Urban Outfitters is selling a Days Of The Week scrunchie set for $12.00, and they come in all different colors and styles.

Urban Outfitter’s Initial Mini Tag Necklaces for $14.00 are so precious. They are so subtle but elegant.

Going home for the holidays requires some cozy scents. Get your girlfriend a candle to fill her room at home with smells that will make her never want to leave. P.F. Candle Company creates the best gift. Their travel jar candles are only $12.00 at Urban Outfitters, and you can reuse the jar it comes in when you use the candle up.

These stackable rings come in rose gold, silver, and gold. You can find them in-store or online from American Eagle. This set of three is the perfect accessory to go with all of your Christmas sweaters. They are a great price of $11.97. 

This gift is so unique and just what you need for any of your tech-savvy friends. It’s a Christmas decoration you can take anywhere to keep your phone charged. The pom-poms are just too cute to pass up. It’s only $14.95 at American Eagle.

I would personally love getting these as a gift. These headphones are stylish AND keep your ears warm. What more could you ask for from your bestie? They are actually on sale right now at Forever 21, just marked down from $14.90 to $10.43! Get them while they are on sale!

The final product on this list is a pair of fuzzy socks from Forever 21. Socks have a bad reputation for being a lame gift, but I love receiving fuzzy socks for Christmas because I’ve definitely lost all the ones I got last year.