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People at the GCPA as Café Allegro Orders

Café Allegro is an all-time favorite spot for students at DePauw University. The small café is located just inside the performing arts center, right in the center of the Great Hall. Offering drinks and a nice selection of snacks in a convenient location, Café Allegro is frequented by performing arts students and others, all looking for a treat and feeling welcomed by the amazing and friendly staff. Here are the types of people in the GCPA, and what they get at our beloved Café.

Voice Majors- Hot Tea

Yep. You can easily find a voice major rushing to Allegro for a nice hot cup of tea. As a voice major, I appreciate the wide selection of teas offered and the fact that there is honey available. Nothing quite soothes the throat quite like it. I also quite enjoy the occasional Chai.

Music Education Majors- Italian Cream Soda

A surprisingly delicious treat, Allegro’s Italian cream sodas come in a variety of flavors and are the perfect blend of creamy, fruity, and bubbly. Add a fun straw and a lemon slice, and you’ve got a favorite childhood beverage.

Percussion Majors- Hot Chocolate

I bet you thought I was going to say Bang Energy, which, to be fair, is also pretty accurate. But, when our percussion friends decide to grab something warm and fresh-made, Hot Chocolate is a classic and is always certain to please. Fun and familiar, a mug of hot chocolate can be just as fun as your favorite beats.

String Majors- Caramel Macchiato

With or without an extra shot of espresso, a nice Caramel Macchiato has just the right amount of deep and warm coffee flavor with a lovely hint of sweetness. Just like the range of sweet and deep notes that our strings can produce, this delicious coffee beverage will hit every note.

A Random Professor- Black Coffee

It certainly isn’t unusual to see a professor waiting in line at Allegro, but usually, when they’re there, you can always expect some grumbling about overly complicated drinks. “I just want my coffee,” they whisper. Trust me, before 8 A.M.s, I want some too.

Tour Groups and Parents- Mocha

A classic! Mochas are delicious and well-loved, and that’s for a reason. Not feeling adventurous on your day trip to DePauw? No problem. No matter where you go, you can always expect Mochas to have that delicious coffee and chocolate pairing. And guess what? Café Allegro is so great that they also offer white chocolate mochas.

Random Liberal Arts Student- Iced Coffee

Hi, there! Nice to see you. The GCPA is populated mostly by performing arts students, and since we’re a small community, we all know each other. But, it isn’t completely unusual to see our Liberal Arts friends coming for a nice drink. A classic iced coffee is a perfect drink for a student on the run. It’s easily customizable and is a well-rounded drink. We’re happy to see you and hope that you might visit again soon, and maybe see a concert or two.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of people you might see at the GCPA and their drink orders, as much as I enjoy my morning Café Allegro breaks.

Emily Scharf

DePauw '24

Emily is a vocal performance major at DePauw University! She loves all things creative, fun, and musical.
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