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Patagonia or North Face?

            As we near the colder temperatures, and November actually starts to feel like November and not July, whether we like it or not, we’re all forced to bundle up.  But bundling up doesn’t mean we have to put on a full-fledged snow suit, face mask and hiking boots- thanks to modern fashion, we can defy the old-fashioned odds and look cute while we cover up.
            Of all the winter-season trends, wearing a warm fleece is an extremely popular look on DePauw’s campus for college women.  They look great and they tend to do the job of keeping us toasty, too.  But a fleece isn’t just a fleece; from the looks of it, you’ve got to get the right one.  And after keeping my eyes peeled as the temperatures dropped, I notices two hot labels: Patagonias and North Faces. 
So, which one do you buy?  Which fleece functions better for what?  Our fall jackets just aren’t doing the job anymore, and we need to be filled in A.S.A.P.  Clarke Brennan ’14 and Sally Leaf ’14 let us in on their secrets in hopes of helping us choose…before the frostbite kicks in.

According to Brennan, if you like to keep your fleece on inside as well as outside, Patagonia is the way to go.  “I’m a cold-blooded person- I like to stay bundled up inside.  My Patagonia is warm enough to keep me warm outside, but I don’t get overheated wearing it inside,” Brennan said.  Patagonias also have more styles to offer than North Face does, including an actual pullover style and also a zip-up style (that mocks the North Face).  So if you tend to prefer keeping your fleece on indoors but are worried about it looking too much like a coat, a Patagonia will alleviate any of those concerns.

While Patagonias are more synonymous to sweatshirts, according to Leaf, North Faces are more like actual coats.  “I’m not going to buy a Patagonia for my winter coat- it’s too much like my other sweaters.  If I want a coat, I’ll get a North Face.  No, I don’t really wear it inside, but I have other things for that.”  If you’re set on other warm garments to keep you from freezing alive inside, then you’re better off going the more practical route and buying yourself a North Face.

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