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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.

To kick off the 2015 fall semester at DePauw University, this week’s campus cutie features Nolan Ayres!  

Her Campus: Nolan, thanks for sitting down with me today! I wanted to do a special edition for this week’s campus cutie column, so what screams back to school like football! The Tiger’s first game is Saturday, September 12th at Earlham so I thought I would interview a football player! So Nolan, before we delve into some tiger football, tell our readers a bit about yourself!

Campus Cutie: I’m from Indianapolis (31Heaven the greatest city in the U.S) huge Colts, Pacers, and St Louis Cardinals fan and my favorite musician is the Boss (Bruce Springsteen). I play a lot of pickup basketball and am a huge fan of the “Netflix and chill.” I’m in Delta Tau Delta fraternity and I am a Communications major.

HC: So how did you end up playing at DePauw?

CC: I ended up playing football at Depauw because of Coach Lynch, the head football here. He recruited me out of high school and I haven’t regretted my decision once.

HC: Very cool, what position do you play on the field?

CC: I play wide receiver.

HC: That’s awesome, that position requires a lot of hand eye coordination. So what pumps you up before games?

CC: Before games I usually listen to rap, particularly 2Pac, meek mill, and Who? MIKE JONES.

HC: (Ha ha) I enjoyed that Mike Jones reference. Okay, I just got Spotify premium and have been loving it so I must ask – ITunes or Spotify?

CC: iTunes 100%.

HC: Okay, so what was the last song playing on your iTunes account?

CC: Last song playing on my iTunes was confessions part 2 by Usher.

HC: Wow – talk about a throwback! Okay moving on, for all the freshman that may not be too familiar with the prestigious Marvin’s here on campus, give them some advice on some go-to Marv’s orders.

CC: Well everyone knows about the famous GCB and mac bites, but I’m also a huge fan of their burritos! But Mac Bites are a necessity every trip.

HC: If you had to participate in the Marvin’s eating contest during Greek week, what Marvin’s food item would you eat?

CC: Mac bites all day.

HC: Alright well ladies there you have it, Nolan loves himself some mac bites and burritos from Marvin’s. So the juicy part of the interview! Nolan, if you had to mark your Myspace status right this very instant, what would you mark? Single, taken, it’s complicated?

CC: Status: Single.

HC: What do you look for in a gal pal?

CC: Definitely needs to be outgoing and have a sense of humor, preferably athletic and likes to have a good time.

HC: What qualities do you look for in that special babe that catches your eye?

CC: Special qualities I look for in a girl are someone who is laid back and talkative.

HC: There you have it ladies, the charming, young stallion Nolan Ayres. I hope you have enjoyed this special back to school football edition of DePauw’s campus cutie! Good luck to the tigers with their first upcoming game!


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