Nicole Darnall '16

Nicole showed up to our interview rocking some gray Athleta leggings, brown Steve Madden boots, and Biggie Smalls t-shirt that she bought on Amazon. I personally loved her outfit and would absolutely love to shop in her closet any day!

Her Campus –Thanks for swinging by Nicole! Alright to kick off our interview, please describe yourself in one sentence to give the readers a sense of who Nicole Darnall really is.

Campus Cutie- I am a junior here at DePauw, majoring in Comm. with a focus on broadcast journalism and I’m an Alpha Phi!!

HC- I heard you are back on campus after being away for a media fellow’s internship. Can you tell us a little bit about that and what company you worked for?

CC- Yes! I was in Chicago for my MeFe internship, where I worked for a production company called Kurtis Productions. I worked with the staff on a CNBC television show called “American Greed,” which is all about white collar crime. It was an awesome opportunity because I got so much hands-on experience that I can absolutely apply in the real world!

HC- What was the most valuable information that you learned from your work experience that you will take with you?

CC- Probably to work as hard as I can while I’m there, but to not let it get to you once you leave the office. I always took really precise notes so I could put my all into all of my work but then once 5 rolled around I was free to go.

HC- Now, I chose not to go abroad or do an off campus study this year, but I hope to go on a Winter Term or May Term trip sometime next year. Would you encourage others to do off-campus opportunities as well for a whole semester?

CC- I think it depends on the person to be totally honest. I absolutely loved my opportunity, but I also chose to stay close to home. I have so much respect for people that truly study abroad, but I know I could never be that far away from home for so long! I think it all depends on your study experience and what your goals are.

HC- I couldn’t agree with you more! Thank you for sharing some of your experiences with our readers.  So what did you miss most about DePauw while you were away?

CC- Definitely the community on campus. The ability to walk around and know almost every single person is super comforting, especially in comparison to a city like Chicago. Randomly, though, I ended up running into multiple DePauw students just walking to work. It truly is a small DePauw world so I was happy to see some familiar faces.

HC – Okay, so answer this honestly; how many times have you gotten Marvin’s the past two weeks since you came back to the castle?

CC – (Ugh) I’ve actually only had it once! But I’ve had Myer’s more than I can count.

HC- So this week’s special edition is all about Valentine’s Day! I am sure the readers are super curious to know, do you have a special someone who you will be exchanging valentines with?

CC- Yes, I do. My boyfriend Drew is a student here as well.

HC- Sorry guys, she is off the market! What are your date night plans for heart day?

CC- Well V-day is actually my birthday, so I’m a pretty high maintenance date on that day. But because of that I actually try not to celebrate Valentine’s Day too much. Two holidays in one can be a bit much for most boys to handle.

HC-I heard 50 Shades of Gray is coming out valentine’s day weekend – how much would you have to pay your boyfriend to get him to go see the movie with you?

CC- Honestly, I doubt that I will have to beg him. I got him to see Pitch Perfect with me two years ago, so I feel like anything is a step up from that.

HC- Well I am sure Ashley Square Cinema will be packed with movie goers, anxiously awaiting the 7 PM show. Last question, if you had to pick your favorite saying on one of those heart shaped cadies, what would it be and why?

CC- Probably just “Call Me”, simple, easy to understand. No mixed signals, you know?

HC- Simply put, I like it. Okay please inspire our readers a little bit here for this special Valentine’s Day edition, and leave us with a love inspired quote. (Yeah, I would look on Pinterest for one too).

CC- Haha, I actually just pinned one the other day that I loved! “To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.”

HC- I really liked that one! I might have to add that to my Pinterest board. Well ladies and gents, there you have it! Thanks for being our campus cutie of the week Nicole!  I know our readers have enjoyed this special Valentine’s Day edition interview as much as I have.