New Music to Obsess Over

  1. 1. Twenty One Pilots - “Level of Concern”

    As a huge fan of the band, I may be a little biased, but “Level of Concern” is the perfect quarantine song. It talks about the current situation (“panic on the brain, world has gone insane / things are starting to get heavy”) but is light enough to be fun. A portion of the proceeds go toward Crew Nation, a relief fund for live music crews, and there’s also a retro music video that goes along with it.

  2. 2. Big Bootie 17

    The latest of the Big Bootie mixes hit the internet on April 10th, and it’s perfect for your at-home dance parties, cleaning sprees, or workouts. It’s available on Soundcloud, or as a podcast episode on Spotify, and is full of fun, instantly recognizable songs (and a Joe Exotic line within the first 5 minutes).

  3. 3. Selena Gomez - Rare (Deluxe)

    The deluxe edition of her latest album was released on April 9th, and it comes with 3 new songs: “Boyfriend”, “She”, and “Souvenir”. I wanted to pick a favorite, but they’re all pretty good. Plus, it’s an excuse to re-listen to Rare again!

  4. 4. Alec Benjamin - “Six Feet Apart”

    Compared to the first 3 recs on this list, this is a slower, sadder song about missing someone due to distance. The title is obviously a reference to social distancing rules, but it hits on the loneliness that a lot of people are feeling right now.

  5. 5. Mr. Popular - “Nowhere to Hide”

    This song wasn’t on my radar until I hit the end of my Spotify playlist and started shuffling through related songs, but it has a fun beat, good lyrics, and it’s the first single from his upcoming album, Flair For The Dramatic, which will be released on May 1st.