Natural Life: A Hippie’s Paradise

Looking for a website to spend all of the money in your bank account while you procrastinate? Natural Life is the place for you! With a wide variety of items, this boho-styled gem is a complete wonderland when it comes to gifts for family, friends, and even yourself. I highly recommend looking at this website to put off studying for that calculus final. Not only will the items genuinely make you smile, they are also so gosh darn cute you will want to completely redo your dorm room and dress head to toe in Natural Life.


Gift Boxes and BagsNatural Life has the perfect gift boxes and bags. These are perfect for quick and easy purchases full of goodies that your friends and family would love! From a wide range of prices, you can decide the style and print as well as the little trinkets inside. It is sweet, simple and thoughtful and could make anyone’s day. There is a tab for gifts on their website, making it easy to shop around and find something you think a loved one would enjoy. 


They have a TON of accessories, starting from bags and pouches, hair ties and headbands, jewelry, socks and slippers, tech accessories, personal items and so much more. You are bound to find something that catches your eye and before you know it, there are ten items in your check out bag. These items are fun and provide some motivational quotes and even sketches of animals such as sloths, llamas, and cats.

Home Treasures

New dorm room or house? You can have the best time ever decorating with all these cute furnishings. There is a wild range of new goodies to make any place feel comfy and cozy, especially in this winter season. The home and treasures tab offers unique pillows, blankets, mugs and cups, tapestries, rugs and stationary. You can brighten up a room with all the colorful items offered.

Car Stuff

Want to jazz up your car? Natural Life offers steering wheel covers, mini succulents for your rear-view mirror, air fresheners, key chains and car coaters. There are so many cute items that can liven up a brutally long car ride and add some pizazz to an old car. Give (insert car’s name here) some personal gifts and style them up.


These clothes are absolutely too cute and provide comfort and ease, especially with a crazy college lifestyle. From cute flowy tops to pajamas, jumpsuits and new and trendy patterned pants, you are bound to find an article of clothing to fit your aesthetic. They always keep items stocked up in the sale department.