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I was super excited to sit down with this week’s campus cutie, Natalie Weilandt!

Her Campus- Natalie! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to chat with me! For starters, give me some background on you!

Campus Cutie- For starters, I am a senior Alpha Phi from Chicago. I am a Prindle intern as well as an English Writing major! I also love cheese sticks, my mini fridge is always stocked with them!

HC- I myself love cheese sticks too! If you had to pick three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

CC- Open-minded, curious, forgetful.

HC- (Ha-ha) I appreciate the honestly! What song was last played on your iPod or Spotify account?

CC- Brother by Mighty Oaks, or Firestone by Kygo

 HC- I love Kygo! Great call. Did you go to any of the free concerts that were held in Indy for the NCAA tournament last week?

CC- Unfortunately no. But I’m seeing Milky Chance soon!

HC- I regrettably didn’t make it to any either! But that’s okay, Milky Chance will be fun! So what is your favorite spot on campus?

CC- It’s Prindle…or the futon in my room, but only if I’m watching Netflix or eating Myers there.

HC- Speaking of Prindle, tell us more about being a prindle intern!

CC- It’s great! Prindle has been undergoing a lot of changes over the past year, so it’s fun to get to be involved in that. As interns, we get to explore a lot of interesting current issues.

HC- That sounds really cool, something that would definitely be interesting to get involved with on campus! Readers, did you know that Natalie is a Fulbright scholar? Just wanted to tell you big congratulations for that, that accomplishment is HUGE and something you should really be proud of! Can you give some background on the Fulbright Scholar Program for those who may not be super familiar with it?

CC- It’s a grant given by the U.S Department of State to scholars, professors, artists, and professionals in order promote international diplomacy.

HC- That sounds great Nat! So how many people were chosen for this program from DePauw?

CC- So far, there are a couple of us. Still waiting on the final number, though!

HC- It sounds like you’re just being modest, I know for a fact that only a few candidates receive this award! So when do you start the program?

CC- I haven’t gotten exact word yet, most likely in late September or early October.

HC- Do you know where you will be stationed? Or do you have any preferences of where you would like to go?

CC- It would be cool to be on the Western coast of Turkey, because those are coastal cities, similar to what you might picture when you think of Greece or the Mediterranean. Or in Ankara, the capital city in central Turkey. Some parts of Turkey are a little bit heated in conflict right now, so I’d rather not go to those parts…but I guess the point is a challenge, right?

HC- Right! Turkey would be amazing, my friend got back from studying abroad there last semester and she absolutely loved it! I hope you get assigned there! What subject will you be teaching?

CC- I’ll be teaching English at a University!

HC- Good for you, you would definitely be a cool professor if you ask me. Do you have any advice for future students who will be applying for this next year?

CC- I guess my only advice would be not to expect that you’ll win…because then no matter what happens, there’s no way you can be disappointed. But I guess that’s easier said then done. Also talk to people who inspire you and make you feel like you have a shot, then believe them even during the times where you’re sure you don’t.

HC- I like that advice a lot, it’s honest but realistic. Alrighty, well that is seriously so great, again congratulations Natalie! Folks, she’s got it all, brains and beauty! I am sure by now, our readers are dying to know if you are single. What is your current status?

CC- Ha-ha…taken.

HC- Sorry fellas, she’s off the market! Being the English major that you are, I am sure you have a few favorite quotes so I was hoping you could inspire our readers with one of them!

CC- “Confidence is 10% hard work and 90% delusion.” –Tina Fey

I have taken some great advice from you, Natalie, thanks for the interview! 

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