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Every month I feel like there is a new nail trend everyone is trying out. From the Hailey Bieber inspired glazed donut nails, to the colorful french tips, and to the 3D like neon nails. The trends seem to always differ monthly. If you know me you would know that I love having my nails done with a different design every time. I’m usually one to stray away from following trendy nail looks but sometimes I’m convinced to try them out. For example, my last set was the famous ombre french tip that was trending on TikTok for a while. (And if you’re wondering what they are now they’re currently Halloween inspired!) I have made a pinterest board for each design mentioned below too! 

So far these are the nail trends that I have seen become prevalent this year so far: 

  1. Glazed Donut 
  2. Colorful French Tips 
  3. Swirl Art 
  4. Holographic 
  5. Ombre French Tip 
  6. Dainty Nail Art 
  7. Comic Nails
Hi! My name is Nayeli Torres-Ochoa. I am a junior and neuroscience major at DePauw University. I love coffee, traveling, writing, and reading.