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My First RocksBox

I am a sucker for any type of subscription boxes, and I eventually gave into the tempting proposal of a free month of Rocksbox, an offer that constantly pops up on many of my favorite style blogs. In case you haven’t heard, Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service but it works a little differently than many other subscription boxes.

After signing up on Rocksbox.com, the website guides customers to fill out a custom style profile about their favorite jewelry styles, colors and brands. The website also provides the option to create a wish list from a curated selection of jewelry. All of this information is then sent to a stylist who will create a personalized box of three items. These pieces are essentially rentals, but can be purchased by subscribers for a significantly discounted price. The boxes and any pieces that are not purchased can be shipped back to Rocksbox anytime in exchange for three new pieces.

Subscribers have plenty of time to receive their first box, test drive new pieces and make a few box exchanges over the course of the month. After the initial free month, customers can choose to cancel or continue their membership for a monthly rate of $19.99.

I received my first Rocksbox in the mail about a week and a half after filling out the style profile and adding items to my wish list. In retrospect I must have gone a little wish list crazy because my first box included two pairs of earrings that I had added to my wish list, but did not really love so I cannot blame my stylist for including them.

My box included:

Jules Smith Aurora Hoops $65 value

Loren Hope Sophia Studs in Emerald $36 value

Gorjana Kylie Lariat $80 value


Since I wasn't a huge fan of the earrings, I never got around to wearing either pair. I did really like the necklace and wore it to class a few days, but ultimately decided not to purchase it since I already own a similar style.

Another perk is that each box also includes a $10 credit which can be applied towards an item in the box or on the sale section of the Rocksbox website. Since I did not want to buy anything from my first box I used my credit towards a ring that was in the sale section.

I also made sure to update my style profile and wish list to more accurately reflect my tastes and sent my first box back. I am excited to see which pieces are included in my next Rocksbox!

If after reading all of this you find yourself interested in trying out Rocksbox, you can use my personal code, CARRIERBFF1 for your own first month free.

Depauw '17 I'm from Dublin, Oh and I write for the style blog :)
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