Must-Watch List: Queer Eye

Alright guys, so I’ve only watched a few episodes of Netflix's new Queer Eye, but let me tell you, I’m already addicted. This show is a remake of the 2003 Queer Eye for a Straight Guy. It follows the “Fab Five” around Atlanta, Georgia, as they surprise men with a complete makeover. The Fab Five are experts in food and wine, culture, hair and grooming, style and interior design. Anyway, here are some reasons why you should definitely binge watch this show in the near future:

1. It’s about more than makeovers. The Fab Five spends many of the episodes having important discussions with the men whose lives they’re making over. In one episode, the group is tasked with transforming the life of a white police officer. He and Karamo, the culture expert, have a conversation about police brutality during which they both share their experiences as a police officer and a black man. Karamo ends the episode grateful that he was able to have this difficult conversation and make a connection with this police officer. At another point, Bobby has a discussion about religion with a father of six (also named Bobby). They reveal that they both were taught homosexuality was wrong; when Bobby asks the father how he feels about homosexuality now, he shares that people need to focus on loving each other above anything. As much as we all love watching a good makeover or house renovation, these kinds of conversations make Queer Eye a truly valuable and positive piece of television for society today.

2. Antoni, the food and wine expert, looks like a mixture of the Franco brothers and John Mayer. So, there’s that. Plus, he definitely inspires you to start cooking yourself with easy, healthy recipes!

3. Jonathan (responsible for hair and grooming) is unapologetically himself! He’s never afraid to say what’s on his mind, and he never hides his personality for the sake of making others feel comfortable. He brings this out in others as well and gets the men to show their goofy side every once in a while.

4. The Fab Five never ask people to change who they are. Each expert does a good job of working with the men to make sure their personality and style are highlighted. Their criticism is always constructive, something some makeover shows fail to do. Too often a makeover can seem like an attack and not something done in the best interest of the person--that is not the case in Queer Eye.

5. And last, but certainly not least, let's talk about Tan. A style icon. Tan not only knows how to dress, but he also always digs a little deeper. Fashion can be an expression of who you are, and Tan makes sure he embraces this to make the person feel confident and sexy!