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Music Man: Meet Lykke Li

A couple weeks back Fox’s hit show, Glee, did an episode dedicated to neglected artists, which featured 25 year-old Swedish pop star Lykke Li. Queen of the Indie music world Li’s music thrives on the delicate mixture of pop, soul, and rock with only a dash of electronic sound.


The song Tina attempted to sing on the show, “I Follow Rivers,” was released on January 21st from Lykke’s second studio album Wounded Rhymes. The track is a haunting and sultry love song. The tune seems plucked directly from the 1960s, as it resembles a nostalgic feel to the great American TV show Bandstand. The song artistically describes an undying love and desire. “I, I follow, I follow you, deep sea baby/ I follow you/ I, I follow, I follow you, dark doom honey/ I follow you,” Lykke sings during dramatic chorus. The music video, which you can check out below, is equally as thrilling as Lykke dressed in all black follows a man through the chilling snow, not willing to give up on her love. According to Lykke the song is a, “simple love song.”


Lykke’s second album was relased March 1st, receiving very good ratings from many of music’s top critics.


Check out her Myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/lykkeli

BUY her album TODAY on iTunes.


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